Dawn of the New Breathing Era: Allergens Avoidance

SINUSET® NASAL FILTER is the world’s first  breathing protection medical device that brings into reality the much awaited New Age Therapy of Allergens Avoidance. The pharmaceutical company BREATH PURITY INTERNATIONAL with revolutionary products, such as Ophthalmogen® Advanced Eyecare Eyelids & Eyelashes Gel (www.ophthalmogen.com), takes breathing protection to the next level with SINUSET® nasal filter Advanced Breathing Protection Medical Device. (www.SINUSET.com)  It is widely known and accepted in healthcare science that the inhalation of airborne allergens and pathogens (often are virus carriers) is the main cause of chronic respiratory diseases such as rhinitis and asthma with chronic debilitating symptoms like dyspnea, itching, coughing, runny nose, snoring. The SINUSET® nasal filter has been the missing part of a complete anti-allergic therapy.

Allergens Avoidance, has been demanded by medical societies all around the world for many years. The reason is that it is quite difficult if not impossible to protect yourself from airborne allergens and pathogenic PM microparticles in big cities and rural areas without the use of an Advanced Breathing Protection Medical Device. The reason is that most allergenic and pathogenic micro-particles are so small that can’t be seen with a naked eye.

Allergens avoidance has been the holy grail of global healthcare and the SINUSET® NASAL FILTER has arrived at the right moment to revolutionize the quality of life of millions of people.

The extremely high importance of avoiding breathing in Allergens and Pathogens has become more important than ever under the current Covid-19 circumstances.

The British Thoracic Society guidelines have placed allergens avoidance of equal importance to cortisone and antihistamine use in anti-allergic treatment.

As it has been mentioned by the legendary ENT professor of the University of Greece, Mr. Eleftherios Ferekidis, avoiding breathing what might harm your health is the cornerstone therapy of all therapies.

In a recent interview of the ENT professor Eleftherios Ferekidis regarding breathing protection nowadays, the use of SINUSET nasal filter advanced breathing protection was mentioned. Travelers and tourists going to Greece or anywhere in the world during the summer could benefit from the advanced breathing protection SINUSET has to offer. Even hotels have started providing it to their customers for their protection.

The SINUSET nasal filter provides freedom of living during the summer vacations as it protects us with its advanced nasal breathing protection properties against harmful airborne allergens & pathogens that may be carrying viruses.

SINUSET is a lightweight, comfortable nasal filter, an extra protective measure nowadays, that can be worn when the mask is not possible to be used (while at the restaurant, bar, on the beach). It can even be combined with a mask for enhanced breathing protection if needed.

A nasal filter plays an essential role in keeping our nose and respiratory system protected from airborne allergens and pathogens.

The use of a nasal filter can contribute to an improved health and quality of life.


  • Prevents and reduces the symptoms of seasonal allergies
  • Provides wide range breathing protection:
    a) Protects against the inhalation of pollens (wild grasses and trees such as olive, breech, birch, hazel, cypress to herbaceous plants like pellitory, wormwood, ragweed and plantain)
    b) Protects against the inhalation of common antigens (dust mites, airborne droppings; domestic animals which hairs carry allergens contained in their saliva and urine)
    c) Protects from the inhalation of mold spores in damp environments
    d) Protects against the inhalation of smog and micro pollutants present in the atmosphere (nitric oxide, ozone, airborne organic compounds, PM1, PM2.5, PM5, PM10, that are linked to Covid-19)
  • Protects the nasal mucosa and the respiratory system
  • Improves and enhances the breathing function

Provides targeted protection in case of:

– Allergies
– Nasal congestion
– Allergic rhinitis
– Asthma
– Surgery protection (before and after)


1. Cleanse your nostrils with clear water or a nasal irrigation and dry them out carefully before inserting the nasal filter.
2. Insert the nasal filter gently into the nostrils. Place the woven part of the nasal filter inside the nostrils.
3. The correct adjustment of the nasal filter is presented in the picture below. The woven part covers and touches both nostrils and the plastic part touches the two nostrils.
4. It is important for the user to feel comfortable.
5. Each nasal filter can be used several times according to the needs of the user and the environmental conditions. After each use, place it back into the left part of the pack for reuse. Replace the nasal filter when its color and shape has changed.
6. The use of the nasal filter during sleep is not mandatory unless the environmental conditions require it or according to your doctor’s instructions.


The nasal filter is a patented sterile medical device and can be combined with all pharmaceutical treatments (nasal sprays, anti-histamines, nasal irrigations). Sinuset nasal filter completes the anti-allergic treatment.
The nasal filter is indicated for outdoor & indoor use to avoid the inhalation of allergens and pathogenic micro-particles. The nasal filter can be used according to your doctor’s instructions, before and after surgery for the protection of the nasal mucosa.
Store at room temperature in a dry place. Not to be used on children under the age of 6 without seeking medical advice. The nasal filter is not washable.


– 6 nasal filters for daily use that are comfortable, easy to use and reusable.
– Doesn’t contain any pharmacological substances.
It is manufactured with 100% biodegradable material and it is disposed in bio recycled bins

The revolutionary SINUSET® (nasal filter/naso filtro/nasen filter/ρινικό φίλτρο) is Manufactured in Italy by LEM S.R.L. and patented all over the world.

SINUSET nasal filter has been notified to various health ministries around the world including the reputable Ministero della Saluta of Italy and the EOF of Greece.

SINUSET®  is an innovative healthy breathing medical device product, that is globally represented by BREATH PURITY INTERNATIONAL with central offices at 19 Irodotou street in Athens Greece.

You can purchase SINUSET nasal filter directly at: www.SINUSET.com/eshop

For more inquiries please contact at: info@BreathPurity.com ,

Phone: +30 211 119 8125

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